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The University President sends a thank-you letter from the Department of Control Engineering

Lecturer from the Department of Computer Science receives a paper of acknowledgment from the University of Babylon

Department of Materials Engineering holds a lecture on the International Conference to Combat Desertification

Materials engineering is published in search of the effect of ocean heat

Applied Sciences Department holds a lecture on the use of virtual library

Mechanical Engineering department and Oil Technology department Open the University Football Championship

Electromechanical Engineering Department Held Introductory lecture

The Department of Control and Systems Engineering holds a course on how to deal with ABET standards

The English Language Center announces holding courses for the new academic year, 2017

English Language Center Announces Workshop entitled Break The Ice

Students of the Department of Control Engineering participate in the program of Zain Telecom

The Department of Materials Engineering holds an introductory seminar on scientific methods in the specialization of students of the third stage

lectures publish several research papers in international journals

Chemical Engineering Department with the Ministry of Oil Holds a joint scientific symposium about the applications of nanotechnology

Lecturer from the Environmental Research Center gets patented

The President of the University of Technology chairs the meeting of the General Authority of the Department of Computer Engineering

Continuing education provides a course on the design and maintenance of electrical transformers

Continuing Education Center concludes course on teaching methods

AL- Rafidain College University publishes scientific research to a lecture from the Department of Electromechanical Engineering in its journal

The Nanotechnology Research Center is holding a celebration for its first place

The Ministry of Planning grants a patent in the Department of Electromechanical Engineering for designing and manufacturing a low cost system to reduce viscosity of crude oil

Department of Electrical Engineering grants PhD on the improvement of the quality and reliability of electrical power using the technology of the microwave network in Iraq

Continuing Education Center organizes a course on the concept of management in career work

The Nanotechnology Center holds a workshop on research and publication in global fields

A scientific team of technology succeeds in using nanotechnology to protect oil pipes from corrosion.

The President of the University congratulates the professors and students on the University's access to advanced positions within the Iraqi classification of universities

PhD thesis on the effect of adding nanomaterials on the structural and mechanical properties of concrete surfaces

Lecturer from the Materials Department composes a book on the installation of engineering materials

Australian University of New South Wales offers a Master's degree in Engineering and Systems Engineering

Scientific delegation of technology visits the Geological Survey

The University of Technology wins several awards at the Science Day celebration

Continuing Education Center organizes a course on the examination of modern cars using computers

The Department of Electrical Engineering honors the Director of the Information Technology Center at the University

Lecturer from the Department of Control Engineering publishes research in a local magazine

The Nanotechnology Research Center holds a seminar on safety in research laboratories

The Department of Building and Construction Engineering organizes training courses for members of the popular crowd

The university committee for scientific advancement in technology decides to upgrade a lecturer from materials department

The Center for Continuous Education holds a course on armed carbon fiber

The Department of Electrical Engineering honors the Director of Statistics Department at the University of Technology

Lecturer from the Department of Control Engineering participates in a global conference in Sweden

The Center for Nanotechnology takes first rank on Science Day

PhD thesis on activation of surface topography of titanium during implantation in materials Department

Technological verification best ranking in the world and its history in the Asian World University Rankings

Technology takes first place in the Victory Festival for the first documentary film

A study in the technology solved the technical problems in the oil fields in southern Iraq using smart phones

Electrical engineering grants a doctorate with excellence for a smart sensor network based on the logic gates matrix

Schlumberger International assesses oil technology graduates for employment

A scientific team performing the maintenance and operation of the scanner electron microscope at the Nanotechnology Center

A student from the Department of petroleum Technology obtains a master's degree from a three-dimensional reservoir study to form the supervisor in the field of oil Rafidain

Faculty in the Department of Electrical Engineering conducts two researches in IEEE

Instructor from the Department of Control Engineering receives a certificate of appreciation


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