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Student from petroleum technology department gain Master degree Ngeijer permeability as a result of water injection

Laser Engineering Department grant Master's thesis for construction of a variable spectral filter using fiber Barak incise

University of Technology holds a workshop for Government Communication

The Technology hold a symposium about asphalt emulsions for road construction in Iraq

Student from the Department of Control Engineering designed a controlled slide adapted to control discreet mechanical systems

Student from the Department of Control Engineering gain Master's for Blur 2 control path hydraulic excavator

The Technology hold a symposium about asphalt emulsions for road construction in Iraq

The Technology record an internationalpriority to hold 1st discipline conference of nanotechnology in petroleum and gas industry

Lecturers from the Technology gain a patent in preparation of nano-magnetic fibers

PhD student from the Technology design proposed method to encrypt speech

The Technological hold a lecture about composition nan scale oxide copper

The Technologyhold a workshop aboutArduinoMicroprocessor

The Technologyhold a course about employeesupgradefor Ministry of Youth members

Review of applications teeth culture in a scientific lecture at the Technology

MA student from Technology designetraditional dominants of sliding surfaceof linear systems

University of Technology holds a workshop for universities visions for the future and raise the profile of higher education in Iraq

University of Technology deal with the Oil Ministry to complete research projects in the fields of nanotechnology

Master Thesis in University of Technological discuss security documents development and personal identification cards

Master thesis in university of technology look for productivity analysis at the corridors of a hospital using Arena simulation

A student from Control and Systems Engineering Department got MSc in excellent degree about a Cognitive Nonlinear Fractional Order PID Neural Controller Design for Mobile Robot

Electromechanical Engineering Department hold a scientific lecture about the electronics applications the ability of renewable energies

Mechanical Engineering Department grant PhD about the heat pipes parallel to remove moisture from the humid space

A teacher from Building and construction Department get a patent about Algiobolimr rocks production

Professors and students of Control and Systems Engineering Department visit the elderly home

Formation workshops to prepare and calculate the axes measurement the Department performance and laboratories

Design and Manufacturing Engineering Branch of computer-aided hold specialized lectures

A Student from Computer Science Department get PhD about identifying handwritten text for security application

A joint cooperation between the Technology and the Mustansiriya University in e-learning field

A thesis discuss the impact of the allowances dimensions on Prevalence of welding mortar of aluminum alloys

Computer Science Department hold a seminar about visual words bag

Master message in technological observer looking slider style Mtgierat situation and turmoil

Production Engineering Department hold a workshop about measuring the performance of the scientific departments axes

Scientific visit for the students of the Department of Applied Sciences to electricity, heat terminal session

Al-AIN Foundation for Social Welfare choose university of technology as the most humanity of the 2016

Lucturers from Department of Computer Science are puplishe research of a way to recognize the Arabic written word

Department of Production Engineering participate in a workshop on a draft national classification for the quality of universities

Design, implement and evaluate the performance of the optical communications systems in his Master

A research team at the Center for Nanotechnology published research in the international Journals for membranes Nanoparticles monounsaturated gelling

Master thesis in chemical engineering department for the study of the ideal conditions for thermal decomposition of the plastic consumer

Student from the Department of Applied Science get a master for a comparative study between the spectral K2CrO4 and K2Cr2O7 molecules

Student from the Department of Computer Science obtain PH degree from a proposal to prevent phishing pages attack

Student from the Department of Building & construction engineering obtain a doctorate degree with distinction for an innovative way to bring life to the Diyala River

Production engineering branch resides specialized lectures in the third cultural season

Electrical Engineering awarded the Higher Diploma failed to protect Ground error in the distribution networks

Electrical Engineering evaluates a seminar on the study and representation of IEEE-9 Bus system

Lecturers from the chemical engineering department publish in research of an Arab jornal

Vic president of Administrative Affairs obtain a patent for the use of Herb horse tail as inhibitor of copper alloys corrosion

A teacher from Applied Science Department involve a search at an international conference in the United Arab Emirates

A course about industrial coatings in the Continuing Education

A teacher from the Technology get a patent about local Alborslanat rocks and natural cow bones to protect the iron carbon corrosion in petroleum media

Labs of Nanotechnology Center receive undergraduate students of Chemical Engineering Department

The Technology hold a solidarity pause and football match between its students to ask FIFA to lift the ban on Iraq's playground

Lecturer publishes research in the global magazine for classification of sex in the digital facial image depending on the inclination transformative

Al Qasim Green University students visiting laboratories Division in the Department of Building Engineering

English language center in the University of Technology announces the date for the establishment of the event ( Speak up Technology )

Lecturers from the Department of Computer Science are spreading a research of protection of copyright for pictures mobile service

Lecturers from the Department of Computer Science spread the search in a global magazine about a proposal to convert the English language system into sign language

Department of Electromechanical Engineering evaluates a lecture on the comparison between the modern and the traditional control of the electric motor

Department of Electromechanical Engineering holds a lecture the performance of the solar heater is a parabola coder

Chemical engineering department evaluates scientific lecture on the awareness of the risk of chemical and biological materials

Lecturers from the department of building & construction engineering obtain a patent for the preparation and examination of emulsified asphalt paving mixtures Alkatyunic in Iraq

Head of the Department of Applied Science published a topic in the morning newspaper for solar energy investment in Iraq

Department of Applied Science gives Master all the properties of fuzzy measurement uncertainty Groups

Student from the Department of Applied Science gain Master's for the preparation and study of electrical and mechanical durability properties of polymer and ceramic complexes

The University of Technology signe a scientific memorandum of understanding with Air Force leadership

A Student from the Technology designe and implemente a system of distinguish faces of smart house and sensor networks

A Teacher from the Technology publishe a research about updating of basic components analysis to improve matching the characteristics of fixed-dimensional convert of recognize faces applications

Student activities department in the Technology hold the First Art popular mobilized Festival

The Technology hold a seminar about the culture of sustainable health wealth for coming generations

University of Technology hold a symposium on the progression of the Iraqi Marshlands

Master Thesis in the University of Technology discuss the manufacturing of nuclear radiation detector via printing manner

University of Technology hold a scientific lecture on treatments for kidney failure

A team of technological research published in the international journal on the multi-layered coatings

The University of Technology celebrates the graduation of the group number 41

Master thesis in university of technology discuss the evaluation of precision digital model of elevations of the satellites to the regions of Shatra and unity

University of Technology students visiting the southern Baghdad plant steam to raise the scientific level

Lecturer from university of technology published a research in the Arabic magazine for rationalization and management of homes and buildings in the Sultanate of Oman

University of Technology opens horizons of scientific cooperation with R & D in the field of oil drilling oil wells and applications of nanotechnology center

Laboratories reliability Commission in the Department of Production Engineering discussed encoding the mechanism of laboratory tests of advanced

Student of the department of engineering construction impair master for development of hydraulic basins Soothing

Student of the Department of Production Engineering get Master impair the effect of adding B4C and fly ash on the wear and tear

Master thesis in university of technology discuss water containing residues filtering on its phenol coefficient processing using columns of Iraqi clay

Master thesis in university of technology searching corrosion behavior of overlapping materials based on aluminum

The deputyof Higher Education Ministry meet professorsfrom Electrical EngineeringDepartment

The University of Technology hold a lecture about theUniversities autonomy

The Technology awarded a Higher Diploma about the design of optical Raman pumps with a widegain range

Environmental Research Center hold a symposium about the culture of sustainable health as a wealth for cominggenerations

University of Technology establish a conference on trends in photonics laser nano-biotic

Lecturers from university of technology getting a patent for the manufacture of overlapping materials Biologic as substitutes for metal materials recoverable corrosion in Implant

University of Technology establish specialized coding and system calibration course with the participation of 45 trainees

The University of Technology holds a seminar for locating mobile chair for disabled children

Master thesis in university of technology discuss technical ground penetrating radar to assess the quality and efficiency of the asphalt pavement

A Student from Applied Science Department gain master degree about improving the production of an Alsrabptiz enzyme from Aserashiya bacteria using gamma rays

A Teacher from the Technology publish a research in international journal about the impact of environmental variables on the performance of solar cells

A joint scientific cooperation between the Nanotechnology Center and mining industries company in the field of nanotechnology applications to improve the Iraqi asphalt specification

A thesis in Technology discuss the implementation of electric pressure lift

Nanotechnology Research Center succeeds to determine granular size of the Nan particles Minutes atomic force microscope AFM

Department of Control Engineering resides seminar for graduate engineering and control systems between reality and ambition

Two Lecturer of the Department of Applied Science are deploying a book on thin films of thermoelectric materials in a German publishing house

University of Technology organize a protest stance against the abuses of the Middle East newspaper of Iraq

Lecturer of the Department of Applied Science gets a patent for the manufacture of refractoriness from the Iraqi bauxite with adding zirconium nanoparticles and microwaves

A dissertation in Technology discuss affordability pillars tube open and closed end

Building and Construction Engineering Department announced holding of two courses of granting international document program in concrete field

The University of Technology is discussing with the Ministry of Oil the use of nano to reduce the fire

UOT admits 2131 students in the morning studies and 1454 in the evening studies for the academic year 2016 – 2017

The University of Technology enters the SC Imago Institution Ranking


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