Lecture on the promotion of electrical deposition in chemical engineering

Within the activities of scientific and cultural activity for the first semester of the Department of Chemical Engineering for the academic year 2017-2018, the student of the Master Hadeel Attia Abdul Kadhim lecture entitled:

Enhancing Electro Coagulation in Removal Oil from Water Via Magnetic Nanoparticle

Enhanced electrostatic deposition to remove oil from water by magnetic nanoparticles

 Al Khwarizmi Hall in the presence of the Head of Chemical Engineering Department. Jamal Mouna Ali Al-Rubaie, scientific and administrative assistants, a number of branch heads, and a number of teachers and employees of the department and the university.

The field of environmental treatment provides nanoparticles with the ability to remove pollutants efficiently. The use of nanomaterials for iron oxide or magnetic nanoparticles has been of great interest due to its unique characteristics such as bio-compatibility, small size and high surface area. However, there is a small number of research that has focused on promoting electrophoresis by using simple nanoparticles that do not contain any modification or coating.

The study investigated the feasibility of adding magnetic nanoparticles to the electrophoresis process in the removal process. Magnetic nanoparticles were used for commercial magnetite and were examined using XRD and FT-IR. The average particle size was 50 nm.