The delegation of the Military Industries Company visits the Department of Production and Minerals Engineering

A delegation from the Military Industries Company visited the Department of Production Engineering and Minerals at the University of Technology on Tuesday, 26/12/2017, as part of the mechanism of cooperation between the two parties.

The head of the department, Dr. Ali Abbar, received the members of the delegation in the presence of scientific assistants, Prof.Ass.Dr.Assil Hamad Abd and the administrative , Lec. Bahaa Sami Mahdi, Head of Mining and Extraction Engineering Department, Prof.Ass. Sami Ibrahim, Hussain.

The importance of the joint cooperation between the two sides in terms of exchange of experiences and also the contribution of the department in the military industries company in possible solutions through scientific consultations, as well as benefiting from the laboratories of the department of engineering production and minerals in the scientific research of the company. The head of the department appreciated the important role played by the Military Industries Company Especially in this situation, which requires mobilization of energies and efforts to support the army and security forces at all levels.