Chemical Engineering Department holds a seminar for postgraduate students

05 June 2018

 Chemical Engineering  Department at the University of Technology held a seminar in which a Master's student Zainab Majed Humaid delivered a lecture entitled:

Modification of Zeolite by magnetic nanoparticle for removal of organic dyes from aqueous solution

"Modification of Zeolite by Magnetic Nanomaterials to Remove Organic Dyes from Hydro Solutions"


The student explained that the discharge of liquid waste in natural water is toxic to aquatic life as well as to humans.

In the present study, two types of zeolite were used and modified with nanoparticles for magnetization and nanoparticles, and were used as a catalyst for the removal of organic dyes from aqueous solutions.

The effect of four variables, including acidic function, temperature, concentration of primary pigments, and mass of the absorbent material was studied. The study of isotherm, kinetic models, and dynamically model dynamically as a function of experimental coefficients and designed from thermocouple. Descent ratio was described during the central composite design.