Two courses from the Materials Engineering Department are published in search of some mechanical properties of polymeric mixtures by friction treatment "

05 December 2018

The two courses were published by the Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Technology, ؛:Prof.Gawad Kazem Alawi, Sihamah Issa Saleh Joint scientific research on:

For the study of some mechanical properties of polymeric polymers manufactured by friction treatment "

"study some mechanical properties of binary polymer blends fabricated by friction stir processing"

In the Journal of the University of Babylon for Science and Technology Volume 26 and No. 5 of 2018.

FOX is a promising technique to improve the mechanical properties of the surface of polymer blends while retaining the dominant properties. In this work, attempts were made to add different percentages of polypropylene (PP), styrene acrylonitrile (SAN) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) As a second substance to high density polyethylene (as a base material). The mechanical properties of hardness and tensile strength were evaluated to evaluate the performance of the treated catalyst to prepare the HDPE: PP, HDPE: SAN and HDPE: PVC mixtures at a depth of 3 mm from the HDPE surface. The results showed that the best values ​​for tensile strength and elasticity and hardness were obtained by adding 15% of PVC to the base material of HDPE. Tactical procedure was successfully used to improve the mechanical properties of the polymer surface.

In light of the above, it can be concluded that a friction treatment technique can be used to repair cracks and defects that are formed in polymeric materials