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Monday, 08 April 2019 09:21

Teaching Proficiency Test


English Language Center at the University of Technology will hold English language course and test for teaching proficiency from 15/4/2019 until 18/4/2019 at 9 am to 11 am. Noting that the fees of the course are 50000 I.D...

The course is delivered by group of teaching staff at the center.




English Language Center at the University of Technology holds Free Basic English language course for the university staff includes basic skills, reading, writing, listening, and speaking, also watching movies and websites that contribute to the smooth delivery of information.

The course starts in Mar., 17 till Mar., 26-2019, two hours daily from 9a.m. till 11a.m.

Monday, 11 March 2019 09:07

Avoid Plagiarism Course

English Language Center at the University of Technology will hold a course to avoid plagiarism.

The course aims at introducing the participant to the characteristics and style of the scientific language in all its forms to rewrite the texts in accordance with the detection program.

Note that the course will be from Mar.17/2019 to Mar.28/2019 and the cost of the course 150000 dinars per subscriber.

Monday, 11 March 2019 08:59

Speak Up Technology Event

English Language Center is pleased to announce for the event Speak up Technology

In its fourth season on 16/3/2019, which aims to spread the culture of speaking English in our university, this activity is characterized by highlighting the creative ideas and topics, especially those related to the scientific and academic affairs of the local and international, which deserve to be presented to the public and concerned officials and specialists to support and promote them. Promotes and encourages the community to speak English.

The opportunities to participate are given to the distinguished subjects and presentations, and the participants are chosen by the competent supervisory committee through an interview conducted for them. Each participant will be given an opportunity of 10-15 minutes to present an idea, a general issue, a project, an invention, a motivational lecture or a story with a moral or moral lesson in English to break the barrier of fear of the brainstorming of ideas and private opinions.

Terms of participation as a speaker

1-     The participant is fluent in English

2-     Has an important subject or creative idea

3-     Passing the interview (in English)

4-     Fill in the registration form below:


All applicants will be interviewed at a date to be determined later and ten participants will be selected depending on the outcome of the interview. After that, the speakers will be trained intensively by a professional professor in the center to be fully prepared to present their subjects.

- Awards from the sponsor of the event will be presented to the three top speakers.