Training & Workshop (4)

Building and Construction Engineering Department  at the University of Technology held a workshop on the course system in the presence of the President of the University of Technology. Prof.Dr.Amin Douai Thamer and Administrative Deputy  Prof.Dr. Sami Abu Alnoun Ajil and Scientific Deputy  Prof. Prof.Dr. Alaa Abdul Hassan Atieh and Head of Construction and Building  Engineering Department. Prof. Hassan Hamoudi Johnny and a number of Lecturer  of the department.

The President of the University spoke about the result of the development in universities as a result of the transformation of the academic system from the annual system to the system of courses, which called for the establishment of this workshop to discuss the views of the teachers in terms of negatives and positives and ways to make the new system, which will be implemented in our university in the academic year 2019-2020.

The workshop included three lectures: Assis.Dr Ammar Mohammed Hamza talked about the system of courses where it is based on the number of units of study that require the student to complete and success in the level determined by the university as a condition for graduation in any of the sections of science.

The second lecture was delivered by Assis.Dr.Noafl shehab  and The lecture was delivered by Dr. Majeed Khudair, who discussed the principles of the system of courses and the general principles of this system, which came into force in the international academic institutions since several years. Contracts.

Materials Engineering Department at the University of Technology organized a workshop on interactive learning using the Google class system, in the presence of a number of Lecturer , and lectured in it.Ass.Prof. Raad Suhail Ahmad included an explanation about the Google class system and its definition in terms of how to create classes and download and download lectures, as well as how to send alerts to students and the receipt of duties and the process of repair and the delivery of grades.

At the end of the workshop, the discussions were opened by the teachers and answered all the questions and queries and gave a detailed and complete picture on how to deal with this system.

The Department of Quality Assurance and University Performance at the University of Technology held a workshop on "Reviewing and Honoring the Achievements of Quality Assurance Managers and Accreditation Units in the Engineering and Scientific Departments and All Centers" at the Dar Al Salam Hall in the Continuing Education Center. In the presence of the President of the University of Technology Prof. Amin Douai Thamer and his  Deputy of Scientific Affairs, Prof. Alaa Abdul Hassan Attieh and a number of directors of the centers and associates at the University.

The President of the University delivered a speech in which he stressed the importance of the activities and activities of quality assurance and its great role in ensuring the outputs of the educational process, adding that quality is very important and an active role in the educational process is the criterion of academic work. Therefore, the University seeks to develop scientific research in all disciplines, As well as the need to spread the scientific side by the Lecturer and stay away from the monopoly of knowledge.

The Director of the Department of Quality Assurance and University Performance Maha Abdul Karim Hamoud highlighted the activities and achievements presented by the directors of the divisions and units during the past years, in which they exerted great efforts and distinguished and they have a clear imprint thanks to the continuous guidance from the university presidency.

At the end of the workshop, the President of the University of Technology honored the directors of the people of quality assurance and performance evaluation and a number of officials of the laboratories accreditation units in the Quality Shield in appreciation of their efforts in serving the university. 

Building and Construction Engineering Department at the University of Technology held a workshop on quality control about  construction projects under international standards in cooperation with the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Municipalities, Directorate of Works and General Maintenance, and the American Concrete Institute, Iraq Branch. General Maintenance. Dr.Mohammed Jaber Aboud, department managers, design and implementation engineers from the ministry as well as a selection of professors of engineering colleges with specialization in civil engineering on various Iraqi universities.

The workshop included a lecture on the requirements of quality control under the American standard ACI 318-14M for both the testing laboratories and the people working in the examination (ACI Certification Program) and the problems of cracks: their causes, types and procedures to address. Dr. Nabil Abdul Majeed Al Bayati, Consultant of Structural Engineering and Assistant Professor Dr. Maan Salman Hassan, Consultant of Concrete Technology and Quality Control.

The lecture aimed to introduce the requirements of quality control in the construction projects under the American International Code ACI and compare them with the modern Iraqi Code issued recently by the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control. And identify the steps required by the supervisor to ensure that there is no defect in quality instead of treating the situation after it occurs.

The lecture also aimed at defining what is required to focus on also in terms of the level of efficiency of the construction laboratories and the people examining the site according to the international standard.

The lecture was an atmosphere of discussion and questions from the participants on the subject with the introduction of some proposals.