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Dissertation of Materials Engineering at the Technological University, Prof.Dr.Akram Rahim Gabr,prof.Dr. Fadel Geyad Attia and Eng. Hussain Ali Alwan, published a joint scientific paper entitled Effect of Caravine Addition on Electrical Transmission Relays on Electrical Conductivity and Durability Properties in the Journal of the Elsevier Publishing House, No. 119 of 2017.
 The study discussed the importance of recycle used and damaged waste from the aluminum wires which are used in the lines of transmission of electric power (high pressure lines), which are hundreds of tons in the warehouses of the Ministry of Electricity and re-operation of these wires by adding the caravans and improve their specifications in terms of electrical conductivity and mechanical pull durability to obtain higher 
specifications Of the standard specifications.







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Thursday, 26 October 2017 09:58

Nanotechnology holds a seminar on nanoscience


The Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research Center at the University of Technology has organized a specialized seminar on nanoscience.
 The lecture was delivered by Assistant lecture Majid Mohammed, who addressed the subject of the interconnect of micro-materials with nanoscience, and the most important modern applications, including Nano Patch and the technology of manufacturing, as well as the applications of energy in the manufacture of the most important sources of energy to use instead of oil and its derivatives.






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Novosibirsk State University, combine the assist.lec. Ammar Abdul Aziz Yahya from Engineering Affairs Department at the University of Technology to the Russian Special Fellowship for the academic year 2017/2018 received a PhD in the field of electrical engineering techniques for three years.






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The Ministry of Planning / Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control granted a patent to the Director of the Center for Energy and Renewable Energy at the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdul Amir Al Ameri for the manufacture of environmentally friendly paint derived from, with the participation of the research team composed by Prof. Dr. Abdel Hadi Kazem. Prof. Dr. Ayad Zouen Mohammed from the Department of Laser Engineering and Electronic Optics and Assist. lect. Talib Kamel Abd from the Center for Environmental Biodiversity and Prof. Dr Emad Abdul Hussein from the University of Nahrain.
 Al Ameri said:
 "The invention provided includes the manufacture of an environmentally friendly paint derived from dehydrator, which has the ability to inhibit the corrosion of soft steel in a single solution molar of hydrochloric acid. The results showed that enhanced inhibition efficiency was achieved with an increase in the concentration of coatings manufactured and used as an anti-corrosion material and low efficiency with high temperatures. The value of inhibition efficiency reaches 92% in the highest user concentration of new and environmentally friendly coatings. The new coating consists of an environmentally friendly dehydrator and a polar solvent.







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University of Babylon, Faculty of Information Technology / high Studies a worded The Administrative Assistant in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Technology, asst. Prof. Dr. Iyad Roudan Abbas, paper of acknowledgment , in appreciation of the extraordinary efforts exerted by him to discuss the MA thesis to student Haider Majid Naji.
 The text of the book: In appreciation of the efforts made by you in discussing the MA thesis of the Master's student, we offer you our thanks and appreciation, hoping you will do more to serve the University and the public good.





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