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The Petroleum Technology Department at the University of Technology organized a scientific visit for fourth stage students on Monday 4/12/2017 to the Midfield oil company / east Baghdad field accompanied by a number of lecturers and engineers of the department..The visit included a tour of the office of the President of the Midfield Oil Company and visit the field tower during its operation and be acquainted with  scientific laboratories.


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The Administrative Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport Mr. Ahmed Al-Moussawi received the head of Electromechanical Engineering Department Asst.Prof.Dr. Hisham Anid and the Head of Navigation and Guidance Engineering Branch Asst.Prof.Dr. Samir Aziz and the lecturer Dr.Ali Youssef.During the meeting, which was attended by a number of the Ministry of Transport's employees, they were introduced to  the branch of navigation and guidance engineering and the possibility of appointing graduates of the branch in the Ministry of Transport as the outputs of the branch serves the sectors of the Ministry of Transport extensively through land, sea and air navigation. The head of the department said that the leading role that can be done by graduates of the branch, especially in air navigation which is the only specialized branch in Iraq. then, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport expressed his admiration for the existence of such a precise specialization indicating despite of there is no employing in the ministry recently, but there is still a chance to apply the graduates of the branch at the end of the meeting, both conclude a joint cooperation protocol between the Ministry of Transport on the one hand and the University of Technology on the other hand

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The Control and Systems Engineering Department at the University of Technology held a special course on the mechanism of writing the graduation project for the students of the fourth stage and for all branches.

The course was presented by Lect.Dr. Boshra Alawi and Asst.Lect. Farah Hassan in the presence of the Head of the Control Engineering Branch Asst.Prof.Dr. Shibli Hamid. The course lasted for four days in accordance with a program prepared by the department for the purpose of developing the skills of students in writing the graduation project.The course deals with general concepts on the graduation project, the objectives of the graduation project, how to benefit from the graduation projects, the investment opportunities, the contents of the final report of the project, the steps to prepare the graduation project, the characteristics of writing and editing, the timetable for the writing of the project, the distribution of the grades, the final exam, collecting information, recourses and referring to them and submission date.

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Prof. Assist. Lec. Adel Sherif Hammadi Teaching in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Technology was patented in cooperation with researchers from the Ministry of Industry and Minerals Chemical and Petrochemical Research Center of the Ministry of Planning Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control No. (5095) on the use of chemical processing and activation to prepare And study the characteristics of Iraqi nanoparticles

The patent included the preparation of high-quality, high-quality nanotubes of Bentonite, available in our country in large quantities, which are widely used in industrial, medical, agricultural and other fields.

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The Faculty of Technology at the University of Technology participated in the Third Scientific Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development at the University for its research (quarterly changes of residual aluminum concentrations in drinking water).

The study included (6) water purification projects in Baghdad through the concentration of aluminum, which is used in vehicles for purification purposes. Among the results were different relations related to increasing the concentration related to ph and high temperatures, and the emphasis was on aluminum because of its effects Health affects the nervous system which causes Alzheimer's or Parkinson's paralysis in case it exceeds the upper limits within the body.

She received a certificate of appreciation for her efforts and outstanding contribution to the conference.


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