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The Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Technology held a seminar entitled "Protection from corrosion and control using nano-materials in the Graduate Hall on Tuesday 23/5/2017, in the presence of lecturers, researchers and graduate students in the department.
 Dr. Nevin Jamal Abdel Qader has delivered a lecture on the importance of identifying the corrosion and corrosion behavior in nano-materials. The importance and possibility of using nanoscale materials, selecting suitable material and controlling corrosion were discussed.
 The lecture focused on the possibility of protection against corrosion using nanotubes, particularly nanotubes for steel pipes, where nano-materials have characteristics that make them high performance to protect against corrosion and isolate them from eating circles.

The Department of Applied Science at the University of Technology held a scientific symposium entitled "Reading the Reality of Productive Sectors (Agriculture - Industry - Petroleum Industries)" in cooperation with the Iraqi Scientific Center Prof.dr. Abdulmutallab Ibrahim Al-Sheikh on Wednesday 2017/5/10 in the presence of the vice President of the University for Administrative Affairs prof. dr. Sami Abu Al-Nun Ajil, Head of Applied Science Department,Prof. Dr. Ali Motashar Musa, a number of Directors General and representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, in addition to the heads of scientific branches and a number of professors and employees of the department.
 The symposium started with reading Al-Fatihah on the souls of the martyrs of Iraq and then playing the national anthem. The head of the applied science department has delivered a speech on the reality of the productive sectors in Iraq and the problems and obstacles that are being exposed to it and the search for mechanisms and solutions for the purpose of promoting agriculture and industry in Iraq.
 The symposium dealt with three lectures: the first one is about the better Iraqi agricultural sector and it is delivered by dr. Abdul Hussein Nuri al-Hakim, an expert in the Ministry of Agriculture, while the second lecture dealt with the industrial strategy in Iraq and delivered by Basim Jamil Antoine, Vice-President of the Federation of Iraqi businessmen and a member of the Iraqi Economists Association. Where as the third lecture was entitled a look at the future of the oil industry in Iraq, Petroleum Technology Engineering which is delivered by prof. dr. Mohammed Saleh Al-Jawad.
 After that, extensive discussions were held between the audience and lecturers, and the certificates were distributed to the lecturers.

The Department of Production and Metal Engineering at the University of Technology in cooperation with Iraqi universities held the first scientific conference for research of graduate students and the products and innovations of the students of the completed stages in the lecture hall of the late professor Jaber Al-Hayali on Wednesday and Thursday 24-25 / 5/2017 in the presence of the president of the university of technology Prof.dr. Amin Douai Thamer and the vice presidents Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hassan Attieh and prof.dr. Sami Abu Al-Nun Ajil,in addition to the deans of colleges and professors of participating universities.
 The conference began with reading the holly Quran and then listening to the national anthem after reading Al-Fatihah on the martyrs of Iraq
 The president said "We are honored to extend our thanks and appreciation to all ministries, universities and private colleges participating in this conference and its supporting bodies and to the Department of Production Engineering, which embodied the efforts as a vivid embodiment of the establishment of this conference. The principle of cooperation and a great task according to the orientations of the ministry and the subject that we should specialize in is quality, which is a great address directed by the university since its establishment".
 He stressed that the university's orientation towards encouraging graduate studies, adding that the university, after gaining independence, has been able to set its own standards for admission to graduate studies.
 Then the proceedings of the opening session, chaired by Prof. Dr. Abdul Sattar Shaker Salman and the Assistant Chairman of the session,Prof, Dr.Kadhim Abdulhuter, began.
 An introductory lecture was given by the Head of the Department of Production and Metal Engineering, Dr. Ahmed Ali Akbar Akbar, and presented a documentary film about the University of Mosul and the reality of the destruction caused by the aggression of ISIS.
 The research was distributed in the Department of Production Engineering and Minerals and the Center for Environmental Research, where more than 165 papers were submitted over the course of the conference.