Nanotechnology Center at the University of Technology organizes a training workshop on the design of oil storage tanks according to specification API-650 and applications of nanotechnology to employees of the Ministry of Oil

Under great expansion of nanotechnology applications in the oil and gas industry, nanotechnology and advanced materials research center at the University of Technology organized a training workshop on (about the design of oil storage tanks according to API-650 specification and applications of nanotechnology) for the period from May 22, 2016 to June 2, 2016.

 Participated in the session 15 trainees from the oil products distribution company. During the session it was a series of scientific lectures theoretical and practical by the Director of the Nanotechnology Center Asst. Prof. Dr. Khalid A. Sukkar and With the participation of the Center professors Dr. Zainab Nasser Jameel,and  Dr. Ammar Mohammed Hamza in addition to the laboratory officials. Training workshop program included familiarizing participants to the most important modern scientific concepts for the design and construction of oil reservoirs with large storage amplitudes according to international standards, and to identify the applications of nanotechnology in the oil and gas projects.

Center director Dr. Khalid also indicated that the aim of the course is to develop the scientific skills of engineering staff in the oil sector in order to prepare engineering designs of the oil tanks and choose the right type of metal used in the construction of these reservoirs. It is worth noting that Iraq put a broad program to increase storing energy of oil and its derivatives in several provinces to develop and support the national economy in the field of oil wealth. At the end of the workshop, the estimated certificates have been distributed to the participants in the program.

Date: 30/6/2016