Nanotechnology Center opens up the prospects of joint scientific cooperation with the petroleum products distribution company in the field of environmental using nanotechnology

Consistent with the University of Technology programs aimed at community service and supporting the national economy of our beloved Iraq to serve the industrial productive sector of state institutions, the Director of the Nanotechnology Center Asst. Prof. Dr. Khalid A. Sukkar receive scientific team from the Environment department in the Petroleum Products Distribution Company / Ministry Oil headed by Mr. Hossam Muhammad, and this is was on Sunday, 24/07/2016.
During the meeting, the visiting team displayed the company's need to open the prospects of scientific cooperation in the field of nanotechnology applications for the detection of environmental contaminants in the oil and gas sites. Dr. Khalid Ajmi mentioned that the use of compositions of nanoparticles micro to detect contaminants will provide a great opportunity to sensing the contaminants in fast time and whatever the rate of low in the air, especially the hazardous materials, flammable, and reduce the risk of and with high efficiency.

Date: 4/9/2016