Nanotechnology Research Center  Held a Training Workshop for the Employees of the Ministry of Oil on the Feasibility Studies in Petroleum and Gas Projects

Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research Center at the University of Technology held a training workshop for the employees of the Ministry of Oil on the (preparation of feasibility studies for projects of oil and gas industry) for the period 16-27/ 11/2014. The trainees participated in the session of Midland Refineries Co. and Missan Oil Co. and Distribution of Petroleum Products Co., and Oil Pipelines Co.  During the session, throwing a series of lectures by (Asst. Prof. Dr. Khalid A. Sukkar) included the latest scientific concepts in the field of economics of the oil and gas industry and conduct feasibility studies for petroleum  projects.

The training program aims to  develop the scientific knowledge  of the workers in the oil and gas sector in the fields of economic,  the skills that are the basis for action in the founding of new oil projects needed by the country. On the other hand, Dr. Khalid explained that the oil sector needs to prepare economic feasibility of various new projects and studies. This step comes in accord with the expansion that Iraq oil industry witnessed to  to promoting economic development

The training program included: economic dimensions of the projects in oil and  gas industry in Iraq, the study of the economic policy of the oil projects,  the petroleum refinery sector, preparation of marketing, technical, financial and economic feasibility studies for oil projects by modern technological requirements in the oil and gas sector, study the oil markets, examples empirical studies of the economic feasibility  of oil projects. At the end of the workshop graduation certificates were distributed to the participants by the Director of the Center (Prof. Dr. Adawya J. Haider).

Date: 30/11/2014