Director of the  Nanotechnology  Center  participate  in  the discussion of a Ph.D student at Baghdad University, about the production of graphene

Director of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research Center at the University of Technology Assist. Prof.  Dr. Khalid A. Sukkar participated as a member of the Committee to discuss doctoral student Mazen Hassan Rahima Which focused on the scientific thesis (Production and Characterization of Graphene Nanomaterial and their Applications in Corrosion Protection) which was held on Thursday 29/09/2016 at the Faculty of Science, University of Baghdad / Department of Chemistry.

It is worth mentioning that the graphene is considered the basis for the carbon nanotubes with broad application to the industrial and medical scale. The Graphene nano-material regard a  superior  nanomaterial with large applications are considered important in the future and advanced to the advantage of its unique properties. On the other hand, this student has got to appreciate "Excellence" of the importance of Industrial and applied project in the field of nanotechnology. The Committee comprised discussion of lecturers:

Prof. Dr. Hart Ibrahim Jaafar / Baghdad University / president

Assist. Prof.  Dr. Khalid Ajmi Sukkar / University of Technology / member

Assist. Prof.  Dr.  Dhia Hadi Hassan / Mustansiriya University / member

Assist. Prof.  Dr. Elham Majid Ahmed / Baghdad University / member

Assist. Prof.  Dr.  Israa Mohammed Hussein / Baghdad University / member

Assist. Prof.  Dr. Abdul-Karim Muhammad Ali / Baghdad University / member and supervisor

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Date: 16/10/2016