Nanotechnology center at university of technology opens up the prospects of scientific cooperation in the development of metals and alloys used in the manufacture of equipment using nanotechnology with Midland Refineries Company

In light of the scientific potential of the research laboratories of nanotechnology center in the field of metals and super alloys that prepared and supported by nanotechnology, received the center's director /Asst. Prof. Dr. Khalid A. Sukkar the representative of Midland Refineries Company /Dr. Hussam Ahmed, on Tuesday, 17/2 / 2017 attended by professors of the center.

    Where they discussed ways of activating joint scientific cooperation between the two parties in the field of development of metals and alloys that used in the manufacture of equipment, and put the outline for the establishment of a joint scientific cooperation and work on the application of scientific concepts of nanotechnology in the work field. It is worth mentioning that the Midland Refineries Company of the national Petroleum companies is a superb company in the petroleum refining industry and production of petroleum products and various kinds of lubricating oils.


Date: 1/3/2017