Nanotechnology Center organizes a Training Program on Nanotechnology Applications in the Hyroisomerization Units in Petroleum Refineries

Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research Center at the University of Technology organized a training course entitled (Nanotechnology applications in the Hydroisomerization Units in Petroleum Refineries) for the period 17/7 till 07/31/2016. The trainees participated in the session of Midland Refineries Company. During the training course, Asst. Prof. Dr. Khalid A. Sukkar/ the Director of the Nanotechnology Center gave a series of scientific theoretical and practical lectures. the Training course program included familiarize the participants with the most important modern scientific concepts related to the applications of nanotechnology in the oil and gas projects, and the work and design the isomerization modular to production the gasoline fuel with high Octane number , and the types of catalysts which used in the isomerization processes.
It is worth mentioning that the Midland Refineries Company has initiated a Hydroisomerization unit for the light Naphtha in order to get the fuel with a high Octane number and environmentally clean, And will run for the first time at the end of 2016 for the production of improved fuel gasoline . In the end of the workshop was the distribution of participation certificates to the trainees in the program.

Date:4 /9/2016