Nanotechnology Center at the University of Technology opens the horizons of scientific cooperation in the field of bio-nano-applications with the Ministry of Oil

Within the scientific programs drawn up by the University of Technology in order to promote the industrial application of nanotechnology in the productive sectors, received the Director of Center for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Asst. Prof. Dr. Khalid A. Sukkar specialist scientific team in the field of industrial water treatment included both the head of chemists Nauras Razak & Eng. Saba Hashem/from the Department of Industrial Water Treatment in Midland Refineries Company in the presence of Heads of scientific departments and on Wednesday, 21/09/2016.

On the sidelines of the visit it was held an expanded meeting between the two sides to discuss the issue of industrial water treatment using nano-bio-technology and increase the efficiency of separation and purification equipment using nanotechnology. It is worth mentioning that the liquidation sector represents an important economic side in supporting the economy of our beloved country.

Date: 29/9/2016