Prof. Dr. Mohammed J. Kadhom
Director of the Center

Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Research Center at the University of Technology was founded in 2009 as the first specialized center in Iraq. The center included two departments (Advanced Nanotechnology materials Dept., and Article Biomedical Nanotechnology Dept.). The Center work hard to build modern specialized scientific laboratories in the field of nanotechnology for the first time in Iraq. The Nanotechnology Center designed many programs to get the Laboratories Accreditation according to international standard ISO-17025Cutting. The Center go a long way in this area with the support of the University of Technology.


At this stage, the real scientific orientation of the center aims to intensify efforts towards practical and industrial application of nanomaterial that prepared at the center and work to solve industrial problems using nanotechnology. Therefore, center work hard to build strong scientific relationships with all institutions and universities to create real nanotechnology in Iraqi according to international standards.