About Center

Nanotechnology and advanced materials research center was established in 2009 at the University of Technology in Iraq. This center aims to open lines of research that can serve applications in industry, health, manufacturing materials, high-efficiency solar cells, and sensors .Additionally, it is involved in medical, environmental, engineering and agriculture applications. The center is scientifically associated with academic research work at the Iraqi universities and with professionals and researches in other institutions through joint research teams to benefit results of Nanotechnology research activities.


The vision of the center is to achieve worldwide reputation for the quality side, distinction and innovation of its research programs that can develop the scientific basis of Iraq.


The centre of nanotechnology and advanced materials promotes scientific culture and research to serve the future interests of the Iraqi society and participate in the development of scientific knowledge in the world. In addition, the center work to broadly equip researcher with values, knowledge and skills needed to enable them making meaningful contribution to the progress of the society. The center is working to develop dynamic integrative programs to provide high quality academic training, research and intellectual development.


  • Supporting the scientific research as a major resourceful mean for acquisition of knowledge.

  • Networking with Iraqi society and worldwide to exchange scientific knowledge and enhancing the promotion of a scientific and research culture.

  • Developing the role of technology for research and development purposes.

  • Contributing effectively to the development of science, technology, health, and industry also to identify areas of national importance to encourage conducting quality research in such areas.

  • Contributing to the sustainable development of science and technology.

  • Establishing ridged and useful links with national and international institutions in research affairs.