Safety of Nanotechnology


Despite the positive aspects of nanotechnology that can carry for the future, the development and facilitation of life, but there are many experts who believe that the use of this technique in certain areas of life may have undesirable consequences.

Nanotechnology Based on miniaturize the size equal to one billionth of a meter, and then use the new material in multiple products and industries. Traditional sciences such as physics and chemistry do not deal with these sizes, even a research and  study resort to quantum mechanics as type of interpretation .

The environment and global health organizations in allover  the world held  conferences to discuss the risks that may result  from the use of nanotechnology. last year, the first global meeting was organized in Brussels to discuss nanotechnology damage. The Nanotechnology double-edged sword, Despite  of its advantages  but also the potential risks because of the impact of nanomaterials on human health  may also consider.

Nano-particles have the ability to enter easily into the human body through the pores without any resistance and can spread within the body. You can imagine that the particle size of 300 nm can access easily in the human body cells and the particle size of 70 nm can enter with ease in the nucleus cell.  this may show the great danger that possible be exposed by human. The interaction between the nanoparticles and cells of the human body may happen and lead to poison the cell or change the properties  that lead to death . many studies conducted on animals have shown that when exposed nanoparticles enter to the body and accumulate in the brain and blood cells, nerves, this means that the nanoparticles are destructive materials to human body.  some scientists showed fear that nanotechnology will lead mankind to a long road full of physical and Health problems.