Activities Section for 2011


Address: a trip for scientific students first phase - Industrial Engineering Branch - to electrical industries company in Waziriya.

Date: Wednesday 30/3

Event details

Address: a trip for students of scientific Phase III - Industrial Engineering Branch - to Nu'man public company.

Date: Thursday, 3.31

Event details

Title: Leisure trips

Date: 04/02/2011

Event details: starting recreational trips for students in stages ending in the academic year 2010-2011 to northern Iraq on Saturday, a brief summary and up to 2/4 on Wednesday 6/4/2011.

Title : students get a section on third place in the final of Iraq Championship for women in chess.

Date: 17-24 / 3/2011

Event details: I got a student (Maha Laith Ismael) student in the fourth stage - Production Engineering Branch membership in the national team for women in 2011 and third place in Iraq in the final of Iraq Championship for women in chess for the selection of the national team, which was held in Erbil province.



Address: Photos graduation for students of stages ending

Date: 21.nisan 0.2011

Event details: ending stages to students ... decided to withdraw graduation pictures of students ended Baksmona stages for the academic year 2010 - 2011 which falls on Tuesday 05/03/2011


Announcement: uniforms for students:

All students Section commitment uniforms and modest colors permitted as listed   below: -

For pants and Skirt (Indigo, nutty, Gray)

For shirt (White, Gray, Peggy)


Announcement: students Almrguenp chains:

Based on the book of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Office of the Minister No. (m and 4/208 in 02/28/2011) to all students Almrguenp chains of two studies the morning and evening and for all beneficiaries stages and non-beneficiaries of the previous resolutions Revision Date Division for the purpose of submitting requests for replays from 2/3/2011 and the performance of their exams than 100% for the Humanist and (theoretical / practical) for scientific studies.

Participation in the Proceedings of the activities of the Fifth Festival of sovereignty.

Students participating names and e-mail addresses them:


Idris Abdali Khudair

[email protected]


Mustafa Muhsin Khadr

[email protected]


Threshold Hussein Alwan



Messenger Khalid Jassim



Saif Sabah Hamid



Reem Musleh patience



seada (4) .jpg

seada (5) .jpg

seada (6) .jpg

seada (1) .JPG

seada (2) .JPG

seada (3) .JPG


Honoring the top students on the branches of the three stages (for the academic year 2010-2011):


Mr. Head of Department (O.m.d. Ahmed Ali Akbar) and Associate Scientific (O.m.d. Sami Oboualnon) on Thursday 29 / December / 2011 to honor the top students on the three branches of the early stages of the shield, blessed their superiority and urged them to further and continuing academic excellence.


Students first names:

The first stage:

         Sennar Zuhair Abbas (Production Engineering)

         Hussein Sadiq Ali (Metallurgical Engineering)

         Names Abdullatif Mohammed Ali (Industrial Engineering)

The second phase:

         Zahra Abbas Salloum (Production Engineering)

         Hanan Karam Aziz (Metallurgical Engineering)

         That Hassoun Hamid (Industrial Engineering)

Phase III:

         India Hadi Abdolreza (Production Engineering)

         The fruit Raad Hussein (Metallurgical Engineering)

         Rasha Kassem Hamadi (Industrial Engineering)









International Day of Human Rights in the University of Technology:

The participation of faculty members and some associates of production and minerals division in the activities of the International Day for Human Rights and primarily on technological university theater, and it closed at ten o'clock on Monday morning and the corresponding 19 / December / 2011 The participation of members of this occasion, effective at the level of cultural and professional section activities .



For Department of Production Engineering and minerals to honor presidency University of Technology in Quality Day celebration, which was held in the University of Technology on Monday, which falls 11 / April / 2011 on the University Theater.




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