Began the exams of the first course for students of primary and higher Education

It was began the exams of the first course in the Department of Production and Metallurgy Engineering for the primary and higher Education at Sunday (15/01/2017) after the exam committee ended all the supplies necessary to perform of the examinations, Head of production and metallurgical engineering visited all the test halls for the primary education (second, third and fourth stage) and for higher education (master and doctorate education) , he was show how to done exam operation, place of examination, type of exam questions and provision of necessary services and the appropriate mood for our students and wishing to all students success, he was accompanied by both deputy Head of the Department for scientific Affairs (Assistant Prof. Dr. Saad Kareem Shather) and Deputy Head of the Department for Administrative Affairs (Assistant Dr. Baha Sami Mahdi).


Source : Department's Media

Publish Date : 2017-2-12