Head of department of production Engineering and Metallurgy chairs the committee to discuss Master in the department

Chaired Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ali Akbar Akbar, head of production Engineering and Metallurgy  department discussion masters student (Neam Fawzi Mohammed) from Metallurgical Engineering Branch for  her thesis "Effect of Clearnes on Diffusion in Brazing of Aluminum Alloys" on Thursday, 19/01/2017 in the Dr. Ibrahim Mahmoud Mansour class at nine in the morning and the Committee comprised discussion of the membership of Assist. Prof. Dr. Raed Kadhim Salem from Babylon University / technical College, and Prof. Dr. Abbas Khamas Hussein from the Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Technology and was under the supervision of Lec.Dr. Baha Sami Mahdi from the Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy,The thesis includes studying  the effect of allowing temperature and time display welding mortar using two types of metal fillings Aluminium metal base, which is a pure alloy of aluminum (aluminum trade) has conducted tests microstructure of each metal foundation and mineral fillers in the welding area carried out on two types of oblique sample designs and cylindrical been a tensile test by cutting them solo to the samples that have been prepared and welded and conducting tests microscopic structure using an optical microscope and electron microscope (EDS-SEM) vertical sections of welding line and aspects of the fracture to the study of the nature and depth of deployment in connecting area and hardness microwave and using the program ImageJ software was determined depth Depth of outreach in the area of connectivity has also been conducting tests X-ray diffraction ( XRD-Diffraction) to see eccentric formed in the connecting area, and the results showed that the highest values of tensile strength was 145MPa so as to alloy metal fillers AL- 12% Si and at a rate allow ranging from (250-350μm) the highest value of the strain resistance recorded for mineral fillers of some sort AL - 5% Si was 176MPa and the value of optimal allow ranging from (μm150-250μm) .In general study proved that the effect of allowing a direct impact on the value of solvent and spread on a metal base and fillers in the alloy of aluminum, as well as on the mechanical properties of the connection welding, has expressed chairman of the discussion Assist.Prof.Dr. Ahmed Ali Akbar Akbar remarks sound as amended value that helped enrich the practical side and the results of that thesis. At the end of the discussion the Committee's decision to award the student master a very good grade.


Source : Department's Media

Publish Date : 2017-2-12