Dr. Ahmed Ali Akber
Head of the Department

Department of Production Engineering and Metallurgy is the largest scientific engineering department at The University of Technology / Baghdad, established with the University in 1975. The department offers unique and rare engineering specialists that are not available elsewhere in the country. There are a Centre library, internet hall and, about 20 specialized engineering laboratories in the department (the largest number at the university with plans for extension). These facilities are used by undergraduate and postgraduate students, technicians, academics and researchers. The department provides both state and private sector industrial companies and establishments with graduate engineers, who are specialized in Production Engineering, Metallurgy Engineering and Industrial Engineering, CAD/CAM Engineering, and Mining & Metal extractive Engineering. Efforts are made to make the academic and research programs and syllabus levels of the department within that of the recognized International Universities standards, which prepares the graduates to manage and solve real practical engineering problems by means of hands-on work, empirical researches and scientific consultancy. This website will help you to search for the Department's main activities.