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The Ministry of Planning granted the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control a patent for the teaching of the electromechanical engineering department at the University of Technology. They are Assistant Professor Dr. Reheq Ismail Ibrahim, the teacher Dr. Manal Kazem Odeh and the assistant teacher Os Falah Ibrahim
 (Design and manufacture of a low-cost system to reduce the viscosity of Iraqi crude oil and improve the flow of pipes).
 Assistant Professor Dr. Reheq Ismail Ibrahim said: The aim of the invention is to solve a large industrial problem suffered by the pipelines companies carrying crude oil and petroleum products, which is the problem of high viscosity and low flow pressure.
 She added that the patent is to reduce the viscosity of crude oil through the use of wide-ranging and low-cost electricity has been specifically designed to suit the atmosphere of Iraq and suitable for Iraqi crude oil and environmentally friendly and do not cause any environmental contaminants have been tested in the invention of the pipeline and proved to be successful in practical terms, The company to inspect the expanding site


Conferences, Workshops And Seminars

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Petroleum Technology Dept. holds a Scientific Symposium Under the patronage of the President of UOT, Prof. Dr. Ahmed M. Hassan Al-Ghabban, and under the supervision of the head of the dept., Prof. Dr. Fadhel S. Kazim, Petroleum Technology Dept.

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