Citizens Affairs

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Office of the University/Citizen Affairs Division

 The Department of Citizen Affairs at the University of Technology adopts the method of cooperation between the employees, centers, scientific departments and the presidency of the university, in order to complete the transactions by overcoming the difficulties that may face the employee during his petition.

The most important duties of the Citizens Affairs Division:

1- Receiving citizen petitions, listening to their problems, directing them to the authorities concerning with their applications.

2-Receiving all applications submitted to the President of the University for his decision.

3- Supervising the organization of interviews for the President of the University.

4- Input the data of applications of citizens, according to an electronic system in the program of the citizen's electronic government within the form on the website of the ministry (Electronic Government Citizen) so that citizens can follow up the application through the program.

5-Communicating with the citizen by telephone, email or through the (Electronic Government Citizen) program to find out the procedures taken concerning the submitted petition.

6-Addressing the scientific and administrative departments and centers about the citizen petition or the decision taken.

7- Mediating between citizens' applications and the specialized authorities (through phone calls or E-mail of the Citizens Affairs Unit).

8-Consideration of citizens' proposals concerning the work of the University of Technology.

GOALS of the Division of Citizen Affairs:

1- The Citizens Affairs Division represents the perception of the President of the University.

2- Providing the best services to all citizens.

3- Continuous communication with all the relevant parties concerned with the applications..

4-The Division reflects civilized phenomena in civilized societies and in State of institutions.

Application procedure:

1- Writing the request in a clear and specific way, taking into account the specification of the subject matter and address.

2- Writing the surname of the applicant  and the address of the sender , telephone number , E- mail and the Department or the workplace and the scientific department .Any application that does fulfill the required information will be neglected

3-Not including the attachments to the petition (except by e-mail)

To contact the e-mail

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Location of the University of Technology: Baghdad - Al-Wehda district- square 906 – Al-Senaa Street.