A lecturer from Electrical Engineering Department publishes a research in an international journal

The lecturer, Dr. Aws Habib Muhammad from Electrical Engineering Department at UOT, published a joint scientific research entitled

(Versatile Paschen's Model for The Dielectric Strength Estimation of Binary and Ternary Gas Mixtures)

In international magazine IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation which is one of high-quality international magazines with an impact factor (2.135) according to international classification Clarivate.

The researcher came up with a new proposal formula for (Paschen) law that known as traditional way to find electrical isolation force of gases, where the effectiveness of this was verified by comparing the laboratory results of insulating gases collapse (pure and mixture) in the high pressure laboratory with the estimated values ​​of the proposed method and the estimated values For the traditional way.

The proposed method proved successful in estimating the dielectric strength of pure insulating gases and the mixture that compared to the conventional method when used with a mixture of gases (dual and triple).