Construction and projects completes the university presidency and a number of departments Rehabilitation

The Department of Construction and Projects at the University of Technology has completed the rehabilitation works of the Al-safraa Hall, the University of Technology and the Department of Architecture Engineering Corridors, and the reception on the tower gate, near the Department of Applied Sciences in a modern style that is appropriate to urban development and construction with a secretariat implementation mechanism.

Rehabilitation works included (covering the walls of the corridors with plastic panels, dyeing all the ceilings and walls of the presidency of the University of Technology and making decoration from clouds (gypsum board) along the internal corridors of the presidency, installing lighting 60x60 for the corridors and making a spot light) in the additional ceilings , repacking the frames of grasses  , the ladder of the entrance to the university presidency with granite, dyeing , maintenance of stairs, and wood doors/ (25) doors, Re-implementation of the university’s logo, , erection, fixing of identification panels over the doors, as well as the work of the Al-safraa hall, which included the work of covering the walls with plastic panels, implementing the aluminum section with a door and secondary ceilings,  lighting and fans in the secondary ceilings 60x60 cm, electrical points, a split (vertical shape) and installing Turkish zebra curtains In the hall of (16) dimensions (0.8) x (2.5m).

The Execution Committee consisted of Eng. Saadia H. Alwan, Eng. Hala M. Hassan and Eng Shuula Raad.

It’s mentioned that the Construction and Projects Department accomplished the work of replacing the floor material for the corridors of some scientific departments, in addition to lighting works with aesthetic lighting that suit the current urban development, sanitation , electrical rehabilitation and dyeing works.