The Environmental Research Center holds a seminar on scientific promotions at the University of Technology

The Environmental Research Center at the University of Technology held a seminar on scientific promotions at the University of Technology in accordance with the instructions for promotions No. 167 of 2017, during which the assistant prof. Dr. Saadi Muhammad Zahir Al-Nazzal-teaching at the Environmental Pollution Department at the center gave a lecture in which he touched on the technical details related to these The instructions, which are a basic requirement in obtaining the academic promotion for university teachers in terms of their relationship in two important aspects The first aspect relates to the scientific output in terms of publishing research in discreet international journals, writing scientific books, submitting patents, and It is effective in scientific conferences, but with regard to the second side, which is the organizational side of these scientific products, according to Tables No. 1 and 2.

In conclusion, he recommended the need to seriously deal with these instructions by the university’s teaching staff from the various scientific titles holders and to prepare the materials required for the early promotion to ensure that the promotion treatment (filing application) is presented properly and that obtaining scientific promotions according to these instructions will play a vital role in the progress of Iraqi universities Within the international rankings.