A lecturer in the Computer Science Department publishes a research in the Iraqi Journal of Science

The lecturer in the Department of Computer Science Prof. Hana M. Ahmed with the participation of Hala Hassan / Baghdad University /  computer Center published her research entitled "The effect of levels in the transformation of the double wavelet tree as designing a comprehensive picture analyst" in the Iraqi Journal of Science issued by Baghdad University / College of Science.

The design of global image analyzers that contain implicit information is an important issue relative to the large dimensions of the characteristics of the natural image and deep neural networks, especially the deep nuclei networks, are ways that have an interest in the problem of designing the global image analyzer.

This study describes the effect of setting appropriate values ​​for a number of levels when performing pre-treatment on The image using the double wavelet transformer complex of the tree. This value has an effect on the accuracy of the detection of the images obtained to evaluate the system at the number of levels when it is equal to five gives a better performance of the system, comparing to the Other level number in addition to reducing the time required for training and selecting pictures.