The Crisis Cell at the University of Technology sterilizes the university presidency facilities and all its departments

Under the direct supervision of the President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban and Administrative Assistant to the University Hussein Hamid Karim and the scientific assistant a. Alaa Abdel Hassan Attia, The Crisis Cell of the University of Technology, with all its members, exerted a great effort, which exempted and sterilized the Presidency of the University of Technology, and for the third time in all its departments and departments, in addition to the Postgraduate Building and the Legal Department on Tuesday, May 19-20-20. The university, in cooperation with the Popular Mobilization Authority, the Ministry of Health and the Health Center of our university, has previously impregnated and sterilized all university facilities and laboratories, knowing that the university presidency has allocated a special budget for the purchase of fumigation and sterilization materials in addition to thermometers.

The University of Technology is very keen to cooperate and adhere to the instructions of the crisis cell to maintain its members, including students, employees, teachers, auditors, and transit to safety, a service to our beloved country...