Starting electronic exams for students of initial studies for the morning and evening studies in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Technology

Under the direct supervision of the Head of the Computer Science Department, Prof. Dr. Alia Karim Abdel Hassan, and with the management of the committee responsible for managing and implementing electronic exams, the electronic exams for the morning and evening studies for the second semester (semester and final exams / annual system) for the academic year 2019 - were started with the blessing of Allah Almighty 2020 on google classroom today, 7-25-2020 at ten in the morning. Where the follow-up and examination of the progress of the exams were done through the formed committee chaired by the President of the University of Technology, Professor Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban and the membership of the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Deputy and Higher Studies Assistant Professor Dr. Haider Abd Dhad and Head of the Department of Computer Science Professor Dr. Alia Karim Abdel Hassan.

For its part, the committee commended the examination process easily and without any problems, appreciating the efforts of the exam administrators and wishing all success and payment.