Al-Ghabban inspects the survey and computers Lab at the Civil Engineering Department

Within the inspection tours of the departments of the Scientific and Engineering University, the President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Hassan Al-Ghabban, visited the Civil Engineering Department at the university on Tuesday 29/9/2020 in the presence of the Head of the Civil Engineering Department, Prof. Hassan Hammoudi Johnny

During the tour, they reviewed survey and computer lab for e-learning and the reconstruction campaign that was accomplished in a record period of time in the department for the purpose of upgrading the university’s level and keeping pace with modern developments.

Al-Ghabban also inspected the upper floor of the department, which includes the first-stage halls, ceremonies, the geomatics branch, the water branch, hydraulic installations and high-study halls.

The university president attended the discussion of PhD. dissertation for student Muhammad Ali Hussein in the field of geotechnical engineering in the high-study hall at the department. At the end of the visit, the President of the University praised the great efforts made by the department to improve the reality of the educational process and requested that more be done for the success of this pioneering experience in learning and knowledge.