A research team headed by the President of the University of Technology obtains a patent 

A research team in the Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Technology obtained a patent for producing  a stable ceramic composite material by adding Nanoxides by using a homemade system

The patent, whose research team consisted of President of the Technological University Prof. Dr Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban, Dr. Nevin Jamal Abdel-Qader, and Eng. Hadeel Ahmed Abbas, included the production of nano-ceramic compounds used to control and enhance the final properties of various carbides due to their thermal stability, which are added as a point of reference to determine A new mechanism in this area.

The experimental results of the patent showed that the titanium carbide was formed at (1100 ° C) for a period of 6 hours from the powder of elements formed from titanium and graphite, so the bulk density of the final product increases with the increase in the concentration of nano-alumina, while the porosity and water absorption increase with the increase of the concentration of nanoporous copper oxide.