--Al-Ghabban inspects the guest house, the Little Technology Kindergarten, and the Nursery

The President of the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Muhammad Hassan Al- Ghabban, visited on Sunday 8/11/2020, accompanied by the Vice President for administrative affairs, Prof. Dr. Hussein Hamid, and Vice President scientific assist.prof. Dr. HaiderAbdDahd, the guest house and the kindergarten and nursery of the Little technology.

The president of the university was briefed on the restoration, rehabilitation and maintenance works carried out by the Department of Construction and Projects at the university.

His Excellency instructed the necessity to expedite the completion of all construction and rehabilitation work for the guest house to receive delegations and personalities, as well as to expedite the completion of the restoration and rehabilitation of the young technology kindergarten and nursery in a manner befitting the children of professors, teachers and
university employees.