Sunday, 27 December 2020 08:11
Lecturer from Energy Technology Center Publish Research

Prof.Mokdam Jijan, the director of Energy and Renewable Energies Technology Center at University of Technology published a scientific research in a refereed magazine within Scopus data titled (a review of dust accumulation and cleaning methods for solar photovoltaic systems). The research review, classifying and discussing the important developments in the field of dust and cleaning the photovoltaic panels. The study focused on the effect of cleaning methods on the efficiency of photovoltaic system. In this study, a unique review in which many publications were discussed in this field, also reviewing the newest studies of photovoltaic cleaning according to their simplicity and activity in cost, and affecting everything relates to environmental standards of the location by suggested methodology. Produce energy and efficiency, a best way form the technical side was determined to a specific system. 
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