Thursday, 14 January 2021 06:46
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A Lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering publishes a research in an international journal

The lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering, Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Majeed Abdel- alaymih Al-Mukhtar, published a scientific paper in the Journal of Environmental Geosciences with an impact factor of 2.18 views published by the international publishing house Springer. Search included

"Modeling Monthly Evaporation Rates Using Artificial Intelligence Methods: A Case Study in Iraq"

Water evaporation rates at stations located in Baghdad, Basra, and Mosul, using the latest artificial intelligence methods, where the results obtained from five methods are compared with those of the actual measurements. Using temperature, wind speed, logos approx. Prove and represent the quantitative regression method represents the best way to have the lowest error rate and the highest correlation.

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