Wednesday, 17 February 2021 08:16
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Lecturer from Production Department Publish Research

Prof.Dr.Sami Al-Rubeai, a lecturer at Production and Minerals Engineering Department, published a research titled "Extraction of Pure Silicon from River Sediments in Iraq by Using Pure Aluminum as Reducing Agent”

in an international refereed magazine within Scopus "Materials Science and Engineering 736 (2020) 022090" which was internationally selected among top first ten scientific and engineering researches by the magazine in an average (12 issues( 2020, all won research are included in an international scientific engineering book which will be published in the magazine for the best top ten international scientific researches in advanced scientific and engineering researches for 2020 " Book name:  Advanced Aspects of Engineering Research".

Pure silicon is one of the important elements which is needed in the medical and beauty industry, also in human parts and biological parts in addition to its use in manufacturing solar cells and integrated circuits which are the basis of computers and all electronic devices, so many modern technology use silicon as an essential element. Silicon has big impact in the world economy.


Silicon is often extracted from quartz, silicate ores and sand, internationally, there are traditional methods that rely on reduction processes using coke or graphite which are achieved at temperatures more than 1500C degree in addition to the environmental damage caused by the reaction residues to release carbon oxides gases as carbon monoxide and poisonous.

This research is characterized by the use of mineral additives from pure elements that help to achieve exothermic reactions reduce the silica reduction temperatures in the residues of Tigris up to 60% to a temperature below 1000 and this provides feasibility in reducing the energy used in the reduction up to 30% and maintaining a clean environment free from carbon oxides. Several Arab and foreign companies have submitted to acquire this new technology which obtained in this research.

This international engineering scientific achievement reflects a bright image of higher education and scientific research in Iraq.


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