Tuesday, 03 August 2021 05:28
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Director of Nano Technology Center Publish Scientific Book

Prof.Dr.Abbas Khamas , Director of Nano Technology and Advanced Materials at University of Technology, published a new book titled Science and Engineering of Biomedical Materials and Prosthesis. The book is about 1000 pages written with a simplified style and includes 11 chapters.

The first chapter is an introduction, the 2nd is Toxicity and Corrosion, the 3rd is Mechanical Properties of Biomedical Materials, the 4th is Metallic Biomedical Materials in Orthopedic, the 5th is Dental Materials and other Metallic Biomedical Materials, the 6th is Bioinert Ceramics , the 7th is Bioactive and Bioresorbable Ceramics, the 8th is Polymeric Biomedical Materials, the 9th Bioinert Polymers, the 10th is Bioresorbable Polymers and the last chapter is about Composite Biomedical Materials.


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