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President of the University inaugurates the sports season with the launch of the football technology championship for students

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The President of the University of Technology, Prof. Amin Douai Thamer, inaugurated the new sports season 2017-2018 with the launch of the university's football championship for the students on Tuesday, November 13, 2017, with the participation of 16 teams representing the scientific and engineering departments.

The opening of the competition was followed by a review of the teams participating in the tournament and then the championship section. Then, the president of the university opened the competition, noting in a speech about the importance of sport and its special role for the Iraqi people and its position on the university level. Pointing to university presidency supports the establishment of various student activities.

The mechanical engineering team began its tour of the tournament with a big victory over the oil technology team with six goals without a response in the game played on the university stadium in the first set.

And the rotation of the scoring goals of winning players Ali Asaad "3 goals" and Halo Ghazi "two goals" and Mustafa Hadi one goal.

In the second match in the same group, the chemical engineering team beat the team of laser engineering and optical electronics with three goals to two goals.

The success of the first season of the sports season will include many sports tournaments and started with the football competitions which were distributed to the 16 teams participating in four groups, the first group included the divisions of engineering departments of the title holder The previous group, laser, optical and chemical electronics and oil technology, and the second group teams of electrical engineering, electromechanical, communications, control and systems. The third group included the divisions of the engineering departments of production, metals, materials, computers and applied sciences, The fourth group consisted of the divisions of the departments of construction engineering, construction, architecture, living medicine and computer sciences.

The team of the Department of Mechanical Engineering has been crowned the University of Technology for football students after winning the team of electrical engineering four goals against one goal in the final of the last season.





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