Publication of the research at the Center for Energy and Renewable Energy Research at the Technological University Makram Tariq Jegan
 Scientific research titled:
 Comparative study to use nano- (Al2O3, CuO, and SiC) with water to enhance photovoltaic thermal PV / T collectors
 A comparative study of the use of nano (Al2O3, CuO, and SiC) with water to promote photovoltaic cell complexes (PV / T)
 In Energy Conversion and Management It is one of the magazines of Al-Safir International and has a Thomson Reuters effect factor for 2016 = 5.589
 The researcher concluded that the low efficiency of photovoltaic (PV) units due to the increase in cell temperature occurs when a small part of the absorbed solar radiation is converted into electricity and the remaining part is lost as heat.
 A range of fluid nanomaterials have been added to increase the thermal conductivity of these fluids, which are used to cool PV cells, which have become the subject of much research.
 In this study, three nanomaterials were added to the water as a base fluid with multiple volume ratios to determine the best type and concentration of nanoparticles suitable for this application.