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Chemical Engineering Department with the Ministry of Oil Holds a joint scientific symposium about the applications of nanotechnology

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The Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Technology hold a joint scientific symposium with the Ministry of Oil / Department of training and development tagged (applications of nanotechnology in the oil industry)
 On Tuesday 10/10/2017 at Al-Aqsa Hall at the headquarters of the Ministry of Oil.
 The University of Technology speech was delivered by a president department of Chemical Engineering.
 Assist. Prof. Dr. Jamal Manae Al-Rubaie said in it The convening of this symposium strengthens cooperation between the University and the Ministry of Oil, Nanotechnology technology has expanded to include scientific and industrial applications All of which have achieved worldwide economic transfers in the fields of petroleum, telecommunications, Medicine, Pharmacy and the Environment ,Military, security and other applications therefore, the entry of nanotechnology technology into oil projects is an economic shift for countries because of the importance of this technology in improving oil production operations, Therefore, we extend our thanks and gratitude to all those who contributed with us to the development of the research process, wishing everyone success and achieving the goals set in support of our national economy. The seminar included One session chaired by lecturer . Sadiq Jafar from the Training and Development Department / Ministry of Oil
 And a Rapporteur Dr. Zainab Yousef Shnein from the Department of Chemical Engineering / University of Technology.
 The first three lectures were titled (Nanotechnology investment in field application in the oil and gas industry)
 The lecture was delivered by Dr. Khalid Ajami Suker Head Assistant for Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies in Chemical Engineering Department / University of Technology aimed at presenting And provide scientific developments used In the field of applications of nanotechnology in the oil and gas industry and to identify the most important modern methods used in oil refineries.
 and the second lecture on (the use of nanomaterials in the field of desalination in the oil industry)
 The lecturer was there Prof. Dr. Fadhel Abdel Hamid President of Thin Film Research Unit In the Department of Chemical Engineering / University of Technology During which he discussed the use of many nanoparticles such as carbon nanotubes CNT Zinc oxide and other materials in the internal concentration of membranes to improve specifications Thus improving the performance of separations and treatment of water flowing from oil refineries Or factories, as well as improving membrane viability on refinery water analysis.
 And the third and last title(Application of nanomaterials in GTL technology)
 delivered by Assist. Prof. Dr. Taleb Mohammed Nayef, Head of Oil and Gas Refining Engineering Department of Chemical Engineering / University of Technology highlighted the use of nanomaterials in the process of converting gas to liquid and the usefulness of this process and its importance in the oil industry.


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