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Lecturer from the Department of Control Engineering participates in an international conference

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Eng. Dr. Salim Khalifa Kadhim of the Department of Control and Systems Engineering at the University of Technology participated in the World International Conference in Malaysia, (Numerical investigation on the effect of the thickness of the diffuser on the structural stresses in the mechanical heart valve bi-diffuser for the possibility of manufacturing)
Between the researcher can cause structural stress caused by blood flow through the aortic industrial valve for failure due to the effect of submission. In this study, structural analysis, particularly the thickness of the leaf, was performed on the equivalent stresses found in the BMHV due to the blood flow through which it was investigated.
The "Fluid Structure" interaction approach has been used on the basis of Langergy Ullerian arbitrary technique (ALE) with the help of an external program (UDF). The results show that the high stress of von Mises was placed in BMHV with a thickness of 0.5mm and 0.6mm leaf, where the increase was 75% and 13% higher than the equivalent permissible stress, respectively. Thus, these insomnia releases are unsustainable to be replaced by a diseased urethral valve.

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