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Environmental Research Center organizes seminar

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The Environment Research Center at the University of Technology organized a seminar which was presented by Eng. Ali Nasser titled "Magnetic Agriculture" in the presence of the Director of the Center and the staff of the Center..

He talked about the magnetic techniques which are used to generate a strong magnetic field exposed to seeds or plants to increase germination and growth rates and to resist conditions that are unsuitable for growth by means of specific devices. For example, there are devices used for magnetizing the seeds before germination to make them livelier. In some species such as palm and tomato during the stage of the magnetic field to improve the growth of these seedlings and the duration and strength of exposure depending on the purpose as well as depending on the quality of the plant material, whether seeds or seedlings.

 The advantages of magnetized water: Prevent the formation of calcareous deposits in the irrigation pipes and increase the rates of germination of seeds and increase the retention of soil water and increase the efficiency of irrigation and reduce the amount of irrigation by about 30% and raise the efficiency of salt washing in the soil and increase the efficiency of fertilizer which means less costs and fertilizer easier to absorb fertilizer and increase oxygen In the soil and helps solve the problem of compressing the soil, which accumulates over time and works to increase the growth of roots as a result of increased absorption of nutrients dissolved faster and thus helps to grow the plant and increase the average yield by 40-50% and reduce the proportion of plant disease by 60-70% For nematode infection kills larvae and where is the full insect from the root area.


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