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Electrical Engineering Department holds scientific symposium

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Electrical Engineering department at the University of Technology in cooperation with the Ministry of Electricity held a scientific symposium on the reality of electrical energy in Iraq: problems and solutions on Thursday, April 19, 2018 at the University of Technology Theater in the presence of the President of the University Prof. Amin Douai Thamer Tamimi and university deputy for administrative affairs Ajeel and representative of the Ministry of Electricity and a number of heads of scientific and engineering departments at the university.

The symposium began with playing the national rythm and then reading verses from the Holy Quran and reciting Surat al-Fatihah on the lives of the martyrs of Iraq. The university president then delivered his speech in which he stressed that the issue of electric power in Iraq is important and that the demand for electric energy is growing very rapidly, The difficulty of sustaining the delivery of energy continuously to all consumers, and the lack of them cause a decline in all areas.

The university president said that the electricity crisis in Iraq requires real treatment. Therefore, the University of Technology contributes effectively through its specialized departments to study the problems of energy and the possibility of developing suitable solutions and raise the proposals and recommendations necessary for them. Calling teachers and specialists to shed light on these problems professionally.

The head of the electrical engineering department,Assc.Prof.Dr. Dari Yousef , said that the electrical power sector is one of the most important pillars on which the development and construction of the country's infrastructure depends, which in turn lead to the advancement of the cultural, economic and scientific aspects.

He added that the University of Technology used to be proactive in contributing to cooperation with state institutions in solving the problems suffered by these institutions either through joint seminars or studies and research provided by researchers.

The seminar aimed to discuss the issue of the reality of electric power and the problems and challenges facing this vital and important sector, and the management of energy use in general  As well as to enhance the scientific and academic role of the university through the participation of researchers, exchange of information and scientific expertise to contribute to the development of the reality of electricity, and to develop plans, solutions and programs to exploit the sources of renewable energies and rationalize energy and improve efficiency.

The seminar included one session of three lectures and chaired by Lect.Dr. Kanaan Ali,  the head deputy for administrative affairs , and the coordinator lect.D. oday Ali , the first  lecture was about the reality of electric power in Iraq from the academic perspective of the researcher Assc.Prf.Dr. Dari Yousef  head of the  Electrical Engineering Department, and the second on the management of energy and rationalization of consumption through service contracts, collection and maintenance in the distribution sector for researchers Dr.Mosaab Al-Modaris the officail speaker of the ministry of Electricity and Salah Gazi member of medai committee in the ministry. And the third lecture was about the current challenges of the electrical power system in Iraq by the researcher Dr. Qusay Abdul Sattar, head of the Department of Electrical Power Techniques Engineering from Mamoun University.

The head of the department distributed the certificates to the researchers.

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