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The Higher Committee for Infrastructure Rehabilitation holds a workshop towards a green technology university

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 The Higher Committee for the Rehabilitation of Infrastructure at the University of Technology held a workshop entitled Reality, Challenges and Proposed Solutions Towards a Green Technology University 2019-2023 at the Environmental Research Center in the presence of the President of the University of Technology Prof. Emad Hussein Marzah Al-Husseini and the Assistant President of the University for Administrative Affairs Dr. Sami Abulnoun Ajeel and scientific Prof. Alaa Abdel Hassan Attia and a number of heads of scientific and engineering departments, centers and departments.

The President of the University stressed on the implementation and follow-up of the rehabilitation plan of the university's infrastructure during the summer vacation, according to the priority of the most important and then the least important for the advancement of the university's aesthetic reality, which is tainted by the visual pollution of the large number of advertising and the intersection of pedestrian traffic with cars and the lack of green spaces loaded with oxygen, which is an urgent necessity to suit the environment. University student health and instructed to lift the debris and heavy and damaged materials and the exploitation of these spaces with seating seats for students and a forestation of the place, which gives the factor of psychological and health comfort for students in order to promote the name of the University of Technology.

The organizers of the committee pointed out the details of the sectors in a chart that was presented to the electronic display devices and deal with the pictures of the current reality of the university and the current obstacles of the agricultural division and the challenges and how to address them and provide solutions proposed to them in the discussion circulation concerned.

The workshop concluded with the presentation of proposals and vision of a forestation around the university implemented by the Baghdad Municipality with evergreen trees with drip irrigation network and the installation of irrigation sprinkler networks in the university's large gardens and rehabilitation of corridors around the gardens Projects section and rehabilitation of the glass house and make the most of it by the multiplication of plants.

The five themes of the workshop were (Reporting - Documenting the Reality - Committee's Work Plan - Proposed Implementation Plans - Vision in the 2023 Plan).

The workshop aimed to improve the environmental reality and achieve sustainable development in order to reach the Green University of Technology and create a healthy environment for students. This committee is updating the basic plan of the University of Technology in accordance with the plans of sustainable development, most notably increasing green areas, reducing environmental and visual pollution and providing sustainable roofs.

The Higher Committee for the rehabilitation of the university consisted of Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Jawad Kazim, Head of Architecture Engineering Department as Chairman and Supervisor, Prof. Dr. Hassan Hamoudi Johnny, Head of Civil Engineering Department, Prof. Dr. Abdul Hamid Mohammed Jawad, Director of the Environmental Research Center. To rehabilitate the infrastructure and the supporting committee, including the Legal Affairs Department, the Financial Affairs Department, the Information Department, the Audit Department, the Student Activities Department and the Engineering Sections with related competences.



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