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Within the activities of the scientific and cultural activity of the first semester of the Department of Chemical Engineering for the academic year 2019-2020, the Department of Chemical Engineering, in cooperation with the Office of Scientific Assistant (Division of Control of Hazardous and Toxic Chemicals and Biological Control), held a second training workshop on the management and inventory of chemical substances for the purpose of following up the application and introduction of chemicals. In the stores belonging to scientific departments and research centers on the hall of Dar  Salaam.

 The workshop was attended by the head of the department. Dr. Khaled Ajmi Sukkar and Scientific Associate Adnan Abdul-Jabbar and Chairman of the Committee on the circulation of chemicals in the prof. Manal Afham and a number of members of the department and the university.

The lecture was given by a senior engineer. Evelyn Ayoub Daoud, where the workshop included two axes first classification of chemicals and identify the seriousness and a general explanation on the program of the system and the second axis a practical application on the use of the program, has participated in this session secretaries of chemical stores in the departments and centers of the university.

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