Thursday, 23 January 2020 07:04

The Petroleum Technology Department holds a workshop on general geology

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The Department of Petroleum Technology held a workshop for engineers and technicians entitled (General Geology) delivered by the teacher, Dr. Hussein Elibi Zamil, on Tuesday 7/1/2020 at the Geology Laboratory. The workshop aimed to introduce the engineering cadre to the basic principles of synthetic physical geology and the importance of identifying the vocabulary of this specialization that is closely related to the engineering side and specifically the engineering of oil technology, especially geology and oil reservoirs and drilling operations of wells and reservoir pressures and the difficulties they face in terms of hardness and quality of rocks and the type of hydrocarbons and traps Petroleum scattered in large areas of Iraq, as the engineering cadre was defined by physical and chemical factors that affect the processes of formation of the Earth's crust and its fiery and sedimentary rocks as well as a study of Metals in


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