Sunday, 10 May 2020 22:58

Lecturers of the Department of Materials Engineering participate in the workshop on the role of the media in fighting rumors

The teaching staff of the Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Sarmad Emad Ibrahim, and Prof. Lama Aker Majllo, and Dr. Rabab Asim and Dr. Nasir Abdel Hussein Nasser and Lec. Ali Kamel Ahmed and Lec. Muhannad Najm Abdul Wahid, Engineer Hamza Shuaia Azab, Ali Amer Hamid and Yasser Hassan Abbas in the workshop marked "The role of media in fighting rumors, which was held by the Media and Public Relations Department in cooperation with the Center for Continuing Education.
 And gave lectures from the College of Education for Girls / University of Baghdad Prof. Dr. Athamar Shaker Majeed.
The lectures dealt with the definition of rumors, their advantages and objectives, psychological explanations of rumors, motives for spreading rumors and spreading, means of communication, and their effects. The case of Iraq took a model, and measuring the impact of rumors in the Iraqi street.

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